Condominium Construction Services (CCS) is Daybreak's emergency first response company.  If you have a water or structural emergency, call them first!  425-688-2029

For all other issues, please call our property manager, Mark Johnson with Kappes Miller.  His phone # is (425) 688-2005.

Water Shut Off Valves Every unit has an individual shut off valve and you should know where yours is located!  In case of emergencies, you may need to turn your water off quickly.  If you are leaving for an extended period of time, it might be a good idea to turn it off before leaving town.  The valves are located in different locations in each unit.  Some are in the laundry area and some are in the bedroom closets.  The shut off valve should look like the picture.  

Daybreak Issaquah Ridge, Issaquah Highlands, Daybreak Issaquah, 98029