Daybreak Annual General Meeting, Thursday March 7th @ 7pm, Fire Station #73 - 1280 NE Park Drive, Issaquah Highlands

Asphalt Resurfacing Project August 23rd-25th 2018
Daybreak will be resurfacing all parking lots .  This is a HUGE endeavor and it is essential for everyone to understand what is going to happen during the project.  Please read all information below and verify when you will need to move your vehicles from the property.  If your vehicle is in the parking lot at the beginning of the project, it will be towed at your expense.
Summer is here and time to heat up the BBQ's!  Remember that you are only allowed to use propane type BBQ's, no charcoal style grills.  Thanks for your cooperation!
                                                                                                                                                                                          June 2018

Our 2018 Budget was ratified on Thursday Nov 16th.  The 2018 budget is posted under the financials tab for your review.

                                                                                                                                                                                        Nov 2017

Water Utilities: Rates have gone up!  The water usage in DayBreak has increased, along with the water rates. New electronic meters installed at DayBreak indicate that we may have many leaky toilets.  The water company calls these the "silent thief" as you cannot usually tell that the water is leaking.  Dye tablets have been distributed throughout the community so that everyone can determine if their toilet is leaking.  If it is, there may be a simple fix.  Sammamish Plateau Water and Sewer can answer simple questions and a lot of information can be found  online.  Water leaks affect everyone by increasing HOA dues.  Thanks for your assistance in figuring out how to lower our consumption and utility bills.             September 2017

CAR THEFT  A car was stolen from in front of the A building at the beginning of October.  Please remember to always keep your car doors locked and any valuables put away and out of sight.  Report any suspicious activity to the Issaquah Police Department.  Issaquah's non-emergency police department phone # is 425-837-3200.

Oct 2017
The DayBreak 2017 Budget has been determined for 2017 and our HOA dues will be increasing by 7.97% to account for; increasing utility costs, insurance premiums, maintenance and administration. The Budget Ratification Meeting was held on Thursday Dec 8th and our new budget passed.  A copy of the proposed budget with your unit increase can be found here.                                                                         January 2017           

It's time to think about maintenance for your home. Water supply lines to your washer, toilets, refrigerator and dishwasher should be replaced every 5 years and inspected annually; 62% of water damage claims are a hose or pipe bursting.  For more information, click here:

Water Supply Line/Hose Maintenance Flyer                                                                                                  January 2017

Our Budget Ratification meeting was held on Thursday Dec 17, 2015 at the Issaquah Highlands Firestation at 7:30pm.  With 2 residents in attendance, our budget was ratified for 2016.

Attention DayBreak Owners: Effective November 25, 2015 you, as a homeowner, are responsible for any loss originating in your unit.  If you are the cause of a claim against the HOA Master Policy, you will be required to cover the deductible up to $25,000.  Check with your insurance agent to make sure that your homeowner's insurance policy will cover that expense or you will be required to pay it out of pocket.  Your agent will be able to guide you to the correct coverage and a copy of our Master Insurance Certificate is posted under the Documents tab above. Email Mark Johnson at Kappes Miller with a copy of your updated policy immediately: 

Moving:  Reminder, you must notify Kappes-Miller if you are a homeowner and have tenants living in your unit.  Copies of your rental agreement/lease agreement must be sent in within 30 days of signing.  If you see new neighbors moving, please send Kappes an email message.  A $200 move-in fee is required of all new residents.  Thanks for keeping our community on task!

February 2016

Water Leaks:  A water leak can be devastating to you and your neighbors.  If you are leaving your home for any extended period of time, you can turn the water off inside your unit.  This will guarantee that you don't return to a flooded home and avoids costly water damage to your home and potentially your neighbor's home as well.

The 2015 Annual Meeting took place on Thursday January 15th and we had a great turn out.  Unfortunately, none of our proposed amendments passed (see Proposed Sixth Amendment under "DOCUMENTS" tab).  We will be readdressing these issues again as they are very important to the future of DayBreak.  The meeting minutes are posted under the "MORE" tab and will give you more detailed information about discussions and the election of board memebers.

Neighborhood Watch:  Keep our community safe and try to keep an eye on one another's properties.  When criminal activity is suspected, neighbors are encouraged to report to authorities, and not to intervene.  Issaquah's non-emergency police department phone # is: (425) 837-3200

Pet Waste:  Our community rules require residents to pick up and dispose of pet waste, to keep their pets on leashes when outside, and to keep pet noise levels to a minimum. Failure to dispose of pet waste creates an unclean and unhealthy environment for everyone, particularly small children. Please pick up after your pets and keep our community clean!

Water Heater Replacement:  All units are being required to change out their aging hot water heaters by October 1st, 2014.  If you have already changed the hot water heater in your unit, please send proof of replacement to Sherry Valentine at Kappes Miller.  The following letter has been mailed to all homeowners in DayBreak and explains in detail why this decision has been made.                                                                                                                                                       June 6, 2014

Window Washing:  This project will take place over Sept 18th & 19th.  Each resident will need to remove their screens and pull them into the inside of your unit.  The window cleaning company will not wash any windows that do not have their screens removed.  Additionally, they will not be cleaning windows on your decks since you are able to clean those yourselves.  Thank you for your cooperation while our community is beautified!

                                                                                                                                                                            September 8, 2014

Pressure Washing:  TC Quality Services has been contracted to clean windows, siding, fascia, garage buildings, concrete, vinyl fencing, entries, deck surfaces, railings stairs, landings, gutters, patios, carports and all building surfaces at Daybreak.
Buildings A and B will begin on August 28, 2014 at 8AM. Other buildings will follow. Watch for notices posted on the mailbox kiosks so you can be aware of the dates your building is being cleaned and take appropriate action.
All Owners Must:
1.) Close all exterior doors and windows on the dates your buildings are being cleaned.
2.) Move vehicles out of the carport areas and away from buildings and garages.
3.) Clear all personal items off decks, patios, and entry ways. Washer spray may damage any items left on these areas. 

If you have any questions, please contact TC Quality Services – 425-802-0314                                                                       August 19, 2014

Pest Control:  It's been brought to the attention of the board that unwelcome pests have taken a liking to the rockery near the A and B buildings.  We have contacted a pest control company and they will be addressing the problem over the next several weeks.  Please let us know if you have any issues or concerns regarding this project.                            July 25, 2014

BBQ Grills:  Just a reminder that charcoal type BBQ grills are not allowed in DayBreak.  Only gas or propane grills are permitted and must be used with extreme caution.  Never allow the grill or lid to get close to siding or railings.  The heat can cause damage our building and that expense would be charged to the negligent homeowner.  Please enjoy your summertime BBQ safely!

Mailbox Break-ins:  Due to the recent break-ins, the board is reviewing bids to upgrade the security of our mailboxes. Estimates for new, higher quality mailbox kiosks are being analyzed to find the best option for our community.  We should have upated information very soon.  Please be sure to pick up your mail daily.                                                            June 19, 2014

Daybreak Issaquah Ridge, Issaquah Highlands, Daybreak Issaquah, 98029